Banc de Swiss Review

Binary options (in English: Binary Options) are one of the oldest known financial instruments for traders. The BancdeSwiss (or even written apart Banc de Swiss) is a relative newcomer in the brokers for binary options. And it is a highly successful as the year 2012 showed. Particularly in the case of dealers from the German-speaking area enjoys this company with headquarters in Germany is now a great popularity, as on many pages can be read on the Internet. Over a thousand customers is the number that identifies the company itself. The headquarters of the Banc de Swiss is Frankfurt, i.e. the German financial capital. “German Support / Swiss Trust” it says on the home page of the site. The main company is incidentally on Cyprus, as well as other comparable companies.


for experts can be said that the Banc de Swiss trading software from spot option with greater security is used. There is the feature of the so-called Option Builder; own options can self-designed, income, risks and ramp-down time itself. Thanks to a Traders choice bar gives the trader overviews of the markets and other traders, which presents for the own decisions can be of great advantage. It is traded with shares, currencies, commodities and indices. Financial news round out the information. The trade itself is free of charge for this provider and costs nothing other than the de facto own inserts. This applies to 170 Base Values, regardless of whether it is foreign exchange or shares. You should use a Forecast wrong, you will receive a pre-determined amount as repayment. Profit wheels have the Banc de Swiss not least due to the mentioned benefits their advancement. And this is absolutely comprehensible. Full Review find here.


the right fresh programd platform is easy to use. There are also no software downloads necessary. The whole principle is almost self-explanatory and the process simple and fast. For this reason are also not professionals immediately to navigate. A brief orientation is always necessary. On the website of the Banc de Swiss trade with binary options in any case so well explained that even beginners to understand the reasons behind.

Payment and disbursement

58 seconds it takes after the official details on the website for the Banc de Swiss as a new customer to open an account. This is remarkable quickly. Beginners can therefore very spontaneously, open an account to deposit and go. Only 100 euro deposit however will be required. The payment on account, whether new or existing, is then easily with credit card (all types, Visa, Mastercard, American Express) Skrill, Moneybookers or simply by bank transfer. In this case the latter is actually an option, since it is one of the companies with German headquarters. The payouts are within two days from risk management reviewed and released. This is unfortunately due to money laundering laws is not to regulate differently. The minimum stake at 60 seconds options is 5 Euro. Also beginners therefore have a good chance to first profits. With one such entry is possible without great risk to test various strategies.

Customer Care

customer service of Banc de Swiss is open daily from 9 pm to 9 pm can be addressed. The support is excellent customer satisfaction is high in the course. As the seat of the company in Germany is, it meets the high German standards and expectations, is self-evident in perfect German and so well that he ultimately of the competition. You can reach Customer Service by e-mail, live chat, Skype and of course also by phone. Here you will also help if you do not an expert. For example this Test, answered questions about Hedging, to mention just one example. Also english and italian is spoken by the way.


One of the advantages of this bottom hens is that it is german. You will probably be the number 1 in this country in the binary option trading. If you have not already is. The platform is excellent programd and quick and easy to use. An encrypted data line guarantees highest absolute safety. The support is not to improve. And the discounts are worthwhile. This is what it comes down to. On a positive note is still a special bonus program for VIPs (or better: particularly successful trader) and prospects. It is on the Website Financial News is an FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions = Frequently Asked Questions), a glossary, and all this in German, is of great advantage for beginners. The Banc de SWISS is clearly identified as first choice in the area of Binary Options”. The Full Review on