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What should I pay attention to when choose the most appropriate forex broker? This is the main question for every beginner broker. Here we show all the basic requirements that everyone should take into consideration.

The minimum trade size of the deposit

For a trader with experience that fact hardly a major when choosing a Forex broker, but a novice Forex market is better to refill your account in small amounts, so it will be better if the minimum amount of deposit and withdrawal will not be too high. Now, many Forex brokers put the minimum amount of $ 1, so this should not have much difficulty. Others try to offer you also more as a customer, for example trainings and informations about the best binary options strategy.

Availability of demo accounts

Look for Forex Broker Reviews. Perhaps, in the description of the item does not need, and demo accounts currently offer almost all Forex brokers. It may be thought that a virtual account you do not need, and what you are willing to take the risk is a real trading account, but even experienced traders besides a real account, often have demo accounts that test their new strategies and improving old ones. So, so you do not look for another broker for Forex demo account, it is better to choose a Forex broker such that it provides.

Reviews of other traders on this Forex broker. This is, perhaps, one of the main points. Representatives of brokerage firms are unlikely to write that they have any problems with the brokerage, but traders are, however, very willing to share such information. However, do not blindly believe the pair of triple-reviews, because traders often blame Forex broker even in the mistakes that allowed themselves. Consider a large number of reviews and make an objective assessment. Reliability Forex broker.

Before you invest your money in foreign exchange transactions, we advise you to pay attention to legal information: license, address, phone numbers and details. The Commission and the spread
Considerable importance when choosing Forex brokers have set the size of the spread and broker commissions. In addition to the fees for the transaction, the Forex broker can assign many other commissions, so you know the exact dimensions of commission before the opening.


As you know, Forex brokers offer the ability to trade leveraged using leverage. In the long-term framework is recommended to choose Forex broker with maximum leverage.


From the problem of slippage is not insured any Forex broker, but you can find out in advance some things. For example, what is the slippage from the broker in normal trading and market volatility? How to deal with situations related to the release of quotations? All this is of great importance for successful Forex trading.

List of popular Binary Brokers:

  • iq options
  • ZoomTrader
  • HighLow

Speed of execution

An important criterion when choosing a Forex broker can also be considered, and the speed of execution. To get more informations about the popular binary broker you can find here a complete list with all informations you’ll need to know.

Good luck to you in choosing the best broker!